Online Shopping Safety Tips

The Internet has truly transformed shopping as we know it. Online shopping has made visiting your favorite stores even easier. It is extremely convenient and cost effective because you can compare prices among several stores. But like many great things in life, online shopping does have setbacks. … Read More

How to overcome WordPress vulnerabilities?

WordPress platform is quite popular among bloggers. However, this blogging platform is vulnerable to various kinds of hacks and attacks. These attacks lead to site infections, los of content and rankings. Here are 4 main ways your site gets infected: 1. FTP or Shell credentials got compromised if … Read More

Technology London’s Olympic Games 2012

image by Viktor Hertz In a few days time the Olympic Games will be kicking off in the London. The spectacle will unite the world’s nations to compete in a range of athletic tournaments and sporting games which will then broadcasted around the world. From a technical point of the view hosting … Read More

Why Do People Love iPhone?

What do you think? Why do people love iPhone?  Have you got many reasons? Ok let’s analyze. Can you remember the first phones that we were using? In everybody’s imagination they are printed as dark colored phones, with no screens and with a large quantity of keys. Gradually, the screens became … Read More

Making Children and Cameras Work!

Who says children and cameras can’t mix? Sure, the cheesy poses and those ‘rabbit ears’ (two little fingers innocently posed behind someone else’s head) seem to magically appear on cue at the first sight of a camera. But, with these few basic tips, you can make photographing … Read More

Security notice | Nvidia forums hacked

Nvidia today warned users that its developer forums had been hacked and up to 400,000 user accounts had been compromised. As a precautionary measure, the company has taken down five of its websites.   here is the link … Read More

This week´s links

Every week i will post the links you have sent over the week. is a leading global website of video entertainment and marketing content services. This is a free website where people can view videos downloaded from themselves or other members of the … Read More