Make your PC secure – learn the most effective tips of modern security

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The concept of PC security has changed in recent years and it is no longer limited in installing an antivirus or firewall. Now-a-days a computer needs to be well equipped to fight against viruses, spywares, Trojans, key-loggers as well as other security breaches. So if you are planning to buy a new PC or thinking of doing a fresh OS installation, then this is the article which will cater to all your security related queries. Now we can witness a changing trend mainly in security software vendors as they are mainly focusing on the concept of total security or Internet security rather than individual antivirus or firewall. All most all vendors like Symantec, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, AVG, AVAST are offering their excellence at a very affordable price rate. You also have the option for choosing a free antivirus and firewall altogether which will serve your purpose. AVAST, AVG, PANDA CLOUD, IMMUNET PROTECT are just the few names in this long queue. But before having them, just do a little research and check VB100 certificate and their current virus detection ratings which are easily available online.

Along with a good antivirus you also need to think for a good firewall which will able to control all your traffics and keep an eye on incoming and outgoing data. Most modern firewalls will able to take decisions automatically and provide an ease during net surfing, online transaction and lots more. Not only firewalls, you have to clean your pc regularly mainly to delete Temporary internet files or rather known as junk files. Registry file clearing software, disk defragmenter tools and other system care softwares will help to boost your pc speed drastically. There are lots of free system care softwares like Advance system care, Ccleaner or  ARO 2012 etc. will serve your purpose. But most importantly, always update your OS, softwares as well as drivers as this updates are very crucial to save you from fresh cyber attacks.

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